My First Book project

This commendable project began from a noble idea of Ms. Nawan ‘Noome’ Poovarawan. Her passion in reading books inspired her to write her first book ‘A Twist of Thoughts’ which contains poetic imageries that she produced with her two best friends. Ms. Saranee ‘Ning’ Boonritthonchai worked on the illustrations and Ms. Panida ‘Pan’ Chaikul designed the unique book. The three friends devoted themselves to create the fifth part of their bi-lingual book entitled ‘Realization, Love, Truth, Leisure and Power.’

“My family loves reading and I feel so blessed that they are very enthusiastic to back me up in my interest for reading. I and my friends were encouraged to do the project because of their support. We love stepping into bookstores and find the books we want. All the books we own have our names scribbled on it. We can still recall smelling the fresh paper scent of new arrivals, adoring pictures on each page and remembering details and the lines of our favourite books. We lost count how many books we have already read,” Noome recalls. Their good memories made them realize how great it would be for needy children to choose their own dream book. And so the My First Book project was born.

There are numbers of Thai children who do not have such a good opportunity. For them, reading their favourite books means they can only read from the local library. If that community is lucky enough to have their own library for children, having a chance to choose and own new books that they really love to read is something unlikely to happen. When they still have to think about where to get the next meal, where to dwell, or if they ever get the chance to study or whether they will have medicines when they get sick, owning a book is of their least priority.

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Wouldn't it be nice when your next book purchase would bring an opportunity to children to own their first favourite book?

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