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A decade - The Heart of Giving

For 10 years that “The Heart of Giving” project pursued by World Vision Foundation of Thailand has grown upin the heart of Thai children and adolescent. In recognition of 84 schools participating The Heart of Giving project throughout the 2017 academic year, WVFT held a ceremony to present plaques and certificates to the schools and their teachers at the WVFT Training Centre on 14 February, 2018. WVFT thanked and commended all schools for being good role models in bolstering children’s morality and ethics. Mr Monthon Paksuwan, a specialist from Office of the Private Education Commission (OPEC) presided over the ceremony, with Mr Sarawut Rachasrimuang, WVFT’s Deputy Director giving guests a warm welcome.

Mr Sarawut said, “The Heart of Giving” project not only instills benefaction in the heart of Thai children but also creates the charitable society. As the generous hearts of students and teachers from the schools participating the project by saving their money for donation to needy children in remote areas, all donations raised by contributors from each school are combined to sponsor 300 impoverished children through WVFT’s ‘Child Sponsorship Programme’. Parts of the donations are also converted into 19,724 morning meals for children in the ‘Breakfast for Kids Project.’ On behalf of WVFT, thank you every one for your generosity to help needy children, families and communities”

Mr Monthon said, “The Heart of Giving” is a good project to promote morality and ethics corresponding to the policy of Ministry of Education focusing on students growing up with knowledge and morality following the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand legislated that “All learning must focus on improving learners to have morality, discipline, patriotism, proficiency knowledge, responsibility in own family, community, society and nation.” I admired all students for their good deed and generous mind.

As a school to participate the project, Sister Dr. Sureeporn Radomkij, Manager of Phra-haruthai Nonthaburi School told her feeling, “Our school and students are very proud to be a part of light on the path of needy children waiting for help. Although the money is not much, but it is a big giving. As being educators, we wish to see our students having morality and charitable mind, and as the result of nurturing beautiful mind to children, their behavior will be beautiful and their society will also be beautiful finally.”

As well as the teacher, Mr Arkom Wannasit Deputy Director in General Management of Duangvipa School told,” This project is a good model in teaching morality and ethics to student. It’s empirical teaching showing a tangible result in helping impoverished people, and also teaches children having discipline in money saving. Throughout the 10 years that the school has joined this project, we are very proud to see our students have generosity and be instilled to care of the misery of others.”

The girl named Teerada Iadtaisong (nicknamed “Mild”) is a student in grade 6, Kasintorn Vittaya School shared her experience, “Regularly, I will save 5-10 baht each day. After receiving the donation box, I also separate my money to put in the box. It’s easy saving without causing trouble to myself and I am very glad to share help to needy people.”

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