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The 11th year of ‘The Heart of Giving’

Love is in the air in the thank you event, in which plaques of honour and certificates have been presented to teachers and students from schools in greater Bangkok which have joined “The Heart of Giving” project, carried out by World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT). Mr Monthon Parksuwan, Senior Expert in policy and planning from Office of the Private Education Commission, has presided over the event to present the plaques, meanwhile Dr Sarawut Rachasrimuang, WVFT National Director, has extended his warm welcome to the honorary guest.

WVFT’s The Heart of Giving project has been carried out for 11 years through collaboration with educational institutes to cultivate savings rudiments among students. The young project participants have little by little put some money in their money boxes. The money has finally added up as a big pool of donations to support children from poor families to have better future. Meanwhile, the cultivated spirits of giving, sharing, and doing good deeds have been blossomed in the heart of Thai children.

The Heart of Giving, Year 11 (Academic Year 2018) has been participated by 81 schools in Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Bits of sharing from all of the teachers and students have summed up to create a great power of giving which helps 286 children from impoverished families to attain age-appropriate quality of life development through Child Sponsorship Programme. Further, the other part of the donation supports Breakfast for Kids project, which provides little poor children in child care centres and kindergarten schools in remote areas with nutritious breakfast to eat every morning, or equivalent to as many as 34,288 breakfast meals.

Because it is more blessed to give than to receive, Ms Siriwan Anuphapyotha, a teacher of Thai Christian School, said: “Our school has joined the project for 10 years. All students have been taught to develop good personalities and characters based on the Bible. Having been part of the project allows the school to teach students to learn from their firsthand experience on how to develop savings habits, in order to share what they have with the less fortunate and the underprivileged.”

Likewise, Ms Khanittha Phonyiam, a teacher of Settabutr Upathum School, said: “What students have got from The Heart of Giving project is learning to develop the savings habit and sharing their love to help the society. Every morning, they would put some amount of their allowance in the money boxes as they wish. They are proud of to be part of this.”

Similarly, Mr Suthon Boranprasit, Deputy Director of Student Affairs of Charuwat-tananukul School, said: “It’s nice for the school to be part of WVFT to help the underprivileged students who cannot reach their life’s fullness. The project has also cultivated the sense of involvement to help fellow human beings. The students have been noticeably kinder and more generous to other people, as well as better realilsed the important of doing good deeds for others’ sakes.”

Chacha Lee, a primary school student from Thai Christian School, has also shared his experience in joining The Heart of Giving project. “When my mother gave me school allowance, I’d set apart some savings to put in the money box. I’m really proud that my money is spent to help other people who are worse off.”

Sutthasinee Kiaokham, a primary school girl from Settabutr Upathum School, said: “Every day I’d take 5-10 baht from my school allowance to put in The Heart of Giving box. I’m proud that I can help poor kids. It is considered a form of doing good deeds.”

Finally, Chayanan Thapthimsai, a primary school student from Charuwattanakul School, shared her experience. “I’m a member of the student committee. We’ve publicised the project with other students in our school to encourage everyone to make some contributions. The donation we’ve saved together will help children who are less fortunate by supporting their education and food and nutrition. We all feel glad to be part to help underprivileged children.”

WVFT would like to commend every school for setting a good model in student moral and ethics development. Our gratitude has also extended to all teachers and students for their heart of giving and sharing to make possible child, family, and community well-being.

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