Jai or Phusit, an 11year old Shan tribe boy, a first grader of Ban Huai Haeng School. He seems to be thinner and smaller than other children in his age, is, Jai’s mother passed away when he was only 1 year old. His father, due to the scarcity and poverty, was forced to leave him with the grandparents, who could not just be indifferent, and have adopted Jai just like their own son since then.

Jai is one of over 5,000 vulnerable children who have been registered by WVFT to join Child Sponsorship Programme this year. They are just ordinary children who might not be able to think about their future, however, WVFT would like to at least invite you to be part of the support to enable these ordinary children’s well-being and educational opportunity for they could grow up and have their own decent path.

Your sponsorship commitment of only 22 baht a day or 650 baht a could change their life.


Roaming around. Cowshed be rebuilt as a house

Due to their poverty and lack of place to live, Jai’s grandparents were roaming around. Till finally, a kind neighbour has let them live in his old cattle shed on the edge of the village, which they have adapted as a small shack to live in. The family has neither power and water supply nor toilet to use. The elders and their grandson can’t help but relieve themselves in the field next to their house. As night falls, their only source of light is from a large candle given by a temple. Every weekend, Jai is responsible for going up a hill on foot to fetch 3 gallons of water from the village’s water tank to store for use at home.

Living on a hill, waking up at dawn, walking to school

Because his house is far out, Jai needs to stay at the school’s dormitory to go to classes on weekdays. Every Monday, Jai rises at dawn to walk nearly 6 kilometres on a rough route to school. "I love studying, and I love going to school."

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