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‘Love’ may be essential, but he needs more to start a brighter future

What is Jorpamlae’s (Passatorn’s) most precious start in life? The answer is his mother’s love.

Jorpamlae, a 7 year-old Karen boy with no Thai citizenship, lives along with his mother and two brothers in a small house at the end of a corn field belonging to his mother’s distant relative. His mother, a small-built woman was often abused by her husband. He beat her until she became unconscious for a week. Even worse, the children were beaten too with rods. Jorpamlae, his mother and brothers were banished out of their house because his father married again. His mother moved to a remote village to make sure her children will never be abused again.

A lone woman with no citizenship, Jorpamlae's poor mother struggles to feed all her 3 boys by working in a farm to earn 130 Baht per day. Despite her strong will, her body is weakened by constant labour, hardship and stress. The high blood pressure gives her headaches so bad that some days she cannot work. When the family’s breadwinner is jobless, the entire family is without money. Often Jorpamlae and his brothers would eat nothing more than plain rice with chilli paste and wild boiled vegetables. Nutritious food such as meat, milk and eggs are rare treats they get to eat at school or on special occasions when their mother has enough to spare. Lack of nutrition made Jorpamlae weak, feeble and underweight for his age.

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A mother bears everything for her children.

Jorpamlae's mother tries to protect her children from physical hardship, even though it is tearing her emotionally and physically. When others accuse her children of the things they didn’t do, she bears it all and carries the pain within her as she does not want to make enemies who might harm her children in the future. Like his mother, Jorpamlae was taught to be passive as well. He is a quiet boy, always smiling even to strangers. He is happy when he is with his mother.

Jorpamlae's house is not quite strong. It is made of cheap materials; Walls and floors are made of chopped bamboo which makes cracking sounds when stepped upon, dried banana leaves are used for roofing- bought at a cheap price near their house. The house does not even have a toilet, little Jorpamlae uses his neighbour’s toilet. He only gets to wear his brother’s old school uniform as his mother cannot afford a new one. And the only school bag he has is an old, torn hand-woven bag.

Despite his mother’s unyielding love for him, her love alone does not guarantee a bright start to Jorpamlae’s future. ‘YOU’ can give him a right start to life by giving him a good education and better quality of life.

Please give children in need the ‘right start to life’

and lead them on a path to a bright future.

Children from impoverished families like Jorpamlae are waiting for your help. With 20 Baht per day or 600 Baht per month, ‘your donation’ will ensure other children like Jorpamlae have better quality of life through:

1. Continuous education and learning materials to equip them for a good future
2. Nutritious food which promotes good health
3. Occupation training for their families to ensure they become self-sustainable
4. Instilling ethics and morality in children to groom them into productive citizens

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Sponsoring a child gives him/her a good start to life and a bright future