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April 2018

• Let’s Walk by Shokubutsu for Men: The Heart Walk  NEW
• Giving is Happier than Receiving  NEW
• WVFT join the campaign of “Bangkok Stop TB”
• Nature Biotec Delivers Blankets to Children
• Keep the smiles of villagers with tie-dye
• The stream of compassion to a new school building of Ban HuayKob School (Ban PraraiNok Branch)

March 2018

• A decade - The Heart of Giving
• Young generation craftsman
• Walking Running Cycling Stop Tuberculosis in Ranong
• Fundamental Education of children in Sop Moei
• The new water well of Gino
• Joy and Happiness at the 19thChinese New Year – Phuket Old Town Festival
• Innisfree Thailand made donation to Breakfast for Kids Project
• Chompoo’s Happiness
• ICAP-AP fulfills the dream of sustainable agriculture
• WVFT Run Towards fullness of Life
• Sharing delightful mind and warm blankets to children
• “Mor Pom” and A Dream Come True
• The Letter

February 2018

• "Love is giving." This is how ‘Mrs. Phuangphen Patikorn' or ‘Pat' defines the word ‘love'
• The Heart filled with Spirit of Giving of ‘Auntie UraiwanSomjit’
• ‘Akkayut Boonin’ and the Values of the Great Giving
• No Birth Certificates, No Rights
• WVFT conducts training on media production for health volunteers

January 2018

• “Koh” and his steps toward the brighter future
• Save the World with Delicious Spicy Seafood Shellfish Paste
• World Gas Feeds the Children in Kaeng Krachan
• Phuket International Airport Makes Donations to Support World Vision Thailand’s Work for the Third Year
• Mae La Noi Nutrition Programme for Young Children
• World Vision Together with 20 Institutions Build Empowerment for Youth
• The 6th Life Skill Development Camp: Dare to be brave, Dare to make decisions, Dare to take actions
• Integrated Farming Learning Source at School…for Sustainability to Reach Rural Area

December 2017

• “If there is an opportunity, the first thing I will do is to help impoverished children,” said Bam Janista (Lewchalermvongse) Charoonsmith.
• Ban San Khong School Enjoys a New Building
• Draw Children in Fun Learning with 5 Keys to BBL Model School
• The Charms of the Real World
• The Tour of Hope Brings Happiness on Bicycle Seats
• The 6 Special Menus for Kids’ Breakfast
• WVFT and Partners Performed Good Deeds in Tribute of the Late King Rama 9

November 2017

• The Heart of Giving Fulfills Impoverished Children’s Life and Educational Opportunities
• KFC Pilots Safe Kitchen Project at Baan Mae Taman School in Chiang Mai
• From a Dream to a Reality
• Peer-to-Peer Reading Tackles Illiteracy
• Ma Tim Ma: The Angel of Myanmar Community
• Famine DIY Challenging Famine by Turning Notebooks into Meals for Impoverished Children
• A Windsor Suites Hotel Executive Shares ‘The Joy of Giving’ and Happiness with the Children from Phetchaburi Province’s Ban Tha Rua School
• The Perplexing Tale of Ban Don Rong Organic Vegetable Growing Group that ‘Fell but did not Fail’
• Kohler Raises Funds to Build Toilets under “Believing in Better” Project for Children in 15 Schools in Phayao Province
• “The Seed of Hope” Money Pouch to Give Impoverished Children a Brighter Future
• ‘Baan Khanom Nantawan’ Shares for Society
• Ford Joins WVFT in Renovating Chumchon Wat Takian Ngam School and Special Education Centre of Rayong Province

October 2017

• Closer Connections
• ‘Pajay Wena’ - An Elderly Man of Paganyaw Hill Tribe with his Beloved Royal Coin
• Sufficiency Economy Model Village Has Sustainable Happiness
• “I Want you to Stay Close to the Earth” and and Become the ‘Power of the Earth’ to Create Happiness for the People
• Thai KM Tech Makes a Donation to Construct a School Building
• Nature Biotec Gives Mosquito Nets to Children
• Jack Chia Supports Bachelor’s Degree Students to Create Public Health Personnel
• Fill Up Love with Care

September 2017

• UPS Thailand Sends Happiness to Children with BBL Playground
• TOA Gives to Child Sponsorship Programme for the 9th Consecutive Year
• Polishing Coconut Shells for Added Value
• Bangkok Airways Gives Breakfast to Children
• Youth Occupation Marketplace: Building a Better Career for Vulnerable Youth
• Samsung Donates Electrical Appliances to World Vision Thailand
• Unicity Lends Physical and Financial Assistance to Survivors of Southern Flooding
• A Youth Ripe for Leadership - Chalinee ‘Pla’
• ICS Students Turn Books into Meals for their Impoverished Peers
• Yik’s Ambition and Virtuosity
• A Recipe for Kindergarten Students to Read and Write: Duk Ueng Model
• Trip Imjai – The Ultimate Happiness for Celebrity May- Padapassorn
• Cisco Systems Gives Children Clean Drinking Water
• Students from Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan Provinces Show their Hearts of Giving

August 2017

• The ‘Heart of Giving’ Plaques and Certificates Honour the 7 Schools for Bolstering Children’s Morality and Ethics
• Kla – the sapling of saving
• Reforestation, Artificial Salt Licks and Beehive Fencing : The Remedy to Harmonious Coexistence between People, Elephants and Forests through
• Vijitpongpun Aid for Religion, Education and Society
• Yardthip Rajpal: A Beauty with a Generous Heart
• Easy Buy Brings Sustainable Agricultural Practice to Ban Klongtoei Nonpayom Prachasun School in Chaiyaphum Province
• We Just Want the Children to Go Out and Widen Their Horizons
• A Smile, A White Shirt and Shoes Pave way for Nice’s Future
• Unicity Creates Educational Opportunities for Myanmar children affected by Major Flooding
• Saving the Environment and Sending Love from the Community with Woven Plastic Bags
• Isuzu UNT Group’s Unending Stream of Kindness

July 2017

• A Life Propelled by Hopes and Dreams
• SMC Gives ‘Notebooks’ to Children for the 3rd Year
• TMB Supports “Funds for Lunch Programme” to Help 27 Schools in Phetchaburi Province’s KaengKrachan District
• Tango – A Dancing Heart for the Children
• Acting Second Lieutenant ThichanonNonwoon’s Jigsaw Dream
• The Unfading Memory of Pontep Boonprakob
• Krung Thai Bank Made Donations to Help Thai Children Have a Future
•“I get to exercise and I arrive at school feeling fresh.”
• The True Value of Giving
• A Life of Happiness and Sustainability
• Community Outreach and Understanding Lead to Participatory Development
• Going Bananas to Promote Agricultural Skills as an Occupation

June 2017

• Bringing Compassion through Imjai Trip to ‘Help Children Recover from the Flood’
• Spreading the Happiness
• Breakfast for Kids Give Children the Gift of Health
• Osotspa Gives Products for Children
• Legacies of Generosity: Baan Phu Champa School’s Library and Baan Huay Prissana’s Canteen
• Sweating it for Children’s Morning Meals
• ‘Ekachai Salee Suphan’ Gives Opportunities to Impoverished Kids
• Affordable and Friendly Hair Cutting Service by Baan Din Daeng School’s Youth Hairdressers

May 2017

• Residue of Kindness Remains after the Floods
• Opening Doors to Well-being
• The Young Developer
• ‘Green Christmas’- a Special Gift of Breakfast Meals from Innisfree Thailand
• Chandra Yoga supports Breakfast for Kids

April 2017

• WVFT presents a Plaque to Samsung in Recognition of their Support for School and Community Development Work for 3 Years
• Samsung’s Love and Care Cools the Scorching Heat at Ban Nong School, Nong Khai Province
• A Heart Fulfilled by Kindness
• Cisco Joins Hands with World Vision Thailand to Empower Youth through Music
• Mission Complete: Let’s Walk Campaign Raised Morning Meals for Children for the 4th Year
• The 4th Thai Language Skills Development Camp - “Dawn of Learning the Language for Fun: Journey into the 21st Century”
• Film-Chanchira’s Happy Smile and a Heart of Gold
• Children Greet Summer Breaks with Swimming Lessons for Survival
• ING Orange Bike Turns Poor Children’s Travels to School into a Fun Experience
• Learning and Playing Help Boost Thai Literacy
• Electrolux Fulfills Children’s Happiness with Full Bellies
• Public Health Ministry Teams Up with WVFT to Align End Tuberculosis Effort with International Standard
• ICAP-AP Made a Donation to Support ‘My School’s Sustainable Agriculture for Lunch Project’

March 2017

• WVFT partners with Sustainable Energy Foundation in Rehabilitating Schools Damaged by Southern Flooding
• Ford Thailand Gives Clean Water and Agricultural Project to Schools in Chanthaburi
• Massive Benefits Culminate from Small Donations of Generous Khon Kaen Students through The 9th Heart of Giving project
• From Youth Leader to a Promising Assistant District Officer
• Cycling for Children’s Breakfast in Chiang Rai
• Mori Donates for Children’s Breakfast Meals
• Reliving the Joy of Giving at the 18th Chinese New Year - Phuket Old Town Festival
• Youngsters Search for their Dream Jobs at Youth Ready Work Event
• The 9th Heart of Giving project Nurtures Generosity in the Hearts of Thai Children and Youth
• New School Building Captures the Hearts of Omkoi Hill Tribe Children

February 2017

• Fill Children’s Breakfast Plates with Tesco Lotus’s Gifts of Happiness
• Stories from a Relaxing Imjai Trip to Omkoi
• Chaloem Phra Kiat Batik – the Fabric of Goodness
• Nature Biotec Delivers Blankets as Protection against Winter Chills
• Child Friendly Space – a Warm and Happy Place for Children to Overcome the Southern Floods

January 2017

• World Vision Thailand Joined Forces with Unicity to ‘Make Life Better’ for the Flood-Affected People of Southern Thailand
• Samsung and World Vision Thailand Handed Relief Bags to the Flood-Stricken People in Southern Thailand
• The Late King Builds Sustainable Happiness
• Red Seed Creation Helped Impoverished Hill Tribe Children in Omkoi Fight the Cold
• Phuket International Airport Makes Donations to Support World Vision Thailand’s Work for the Second Year

December 2016

• InterfaceFlor Repairs home for the poor
• TMB’s Make THE Difference Trips Turn the Children’s Dream of Seeing the Beach into a Reality
• Children’s Beloved Idol Paiboon Boonprasert, a former sponsored child
• Ford Thailand Joins Hands with WVFT in "Clean Water Project" at Chanthaburi
• Little Books that Pack a Big Punch
• KFC Elevates Schools into Learning Centres
• Doing Good Deed for the Father of the Land : Toyota Supports Healthy Children Project
• Education Paints a Bright Future for Dawan Phansa-ad
• BASF Organises Play and Learn to Grow Up Activity
• Following the Footsteps of the Nation’s Father in Bringing Knowledge to Children in Remote Areas
• Pizza Hut Grooms Children into Readers
• The Tour of Hope Gives Rural Students Access Education

November 2016

• Pfizer’s 5th Life Skill Development Camp – Instilling Unity and Discipline
• SCG Packaging Builds Knowledge Room at Ban Tha Makham School
• Promoting Mothers to Breastfeed for 6 Months
• Easy Buy and Umay Plus Bring Sustainability with 1-Rai Integrated Agriculture
• Strong, Spicy and Superb: Ban Koh Phree Curry Paste
• World Vision and Mukdahan Primary Educational Service Area Office Signed MOU to Develop the Quality of Education

October 2016

• Samsung’s 5th Make a Wish Project Helps Children at Wat Thangpoon School
• Pfizer's Third Thai Language Skills Development camp - Thai Fun Camp
• Denali Prestige Asset Management Ltd joins World Vision in 'Love Reading, Know Savings and Value from Agriculture' Project Handover
• European Union and World Vision Thailand Protect the Rights of Migrant Children
• Ford Thailand Joins Hands with WVFT to Renovate a School and an Elderly Couple’s House
• Isuzu UNT Group Hands Over Water Project to Ban Sup Charoen School, Ban Lakdan Campus

September 2016

• First cafeteria creates happiness
• Jack Chia Industries Gives Scholarships to Poor but Diligent Students to Pursue Medical and Nursing Degrees
• BASF Organised Green Energy Source Workshop for Wat Bang Ko Bua School Students
• Coffee Trees Support Dong’s Well-Being
• Cisco Systems (Thailand) Teaches Students Basic Knowledge in IT

August 2016

• Today Pong’s and Chalie’s lives are better
• Opposite Attracts with ‘Gen Y’ and ‘Traditional Thai medicine’
• Isuzu UNT and WVFT Reported on the Progress of Water Project to HRH Princess Sirindhorn
• GCAP Co Ltd donates money for 'Breakfast for Kids' project
• Denali Prestige Asset Management Gives Donation to WVFT
• Good Things from the Duck Eggs in Tad’s Family
• Thai KM Tech Builds Toilets to Ensure Safety for Children and Families
• Koh Teerasak’s Supercar Rally to Donate Proceeds to ‘Breakfast for Kids’ Project
• WVFT C0-Organised Anti-Human Trafficking Workshop
• Krungthai Banks Helps Thai Children have a Future by Donating to WVFT

July 2016

• The Mighty Little Books
• Ban Kok Sood School’s organic Sangyod rice planted in love

June 2016

• Thanachart Group joins ‘Agriculture for Lunch Project’ activities
• Easy Buy and Umay Plus co-partner with WVFT in introducing sustainable agriculture to Ban Pang Woon School
• Lion Thailand Gives Scholarships to Students

May 2016

• Sharing Kindness through ‘Bike with Love for kids’
• Cucumber garden story
• Chic Republic Shares Happiness by Donating Money to World Vision
• World Vision Jatujak Service Cooperative Supports Children’s Meals
• WVFT Raises Awareness on World TB Day
• Samsung Make A Wish Gives Helps Deprived Children for the 4th Time
• Microsoft Trains Youths to Create Creative Media to End Human Trafficking in Thailand
• Isuzu UNT Hands Over Water Project for the 4th Year

April 2016

• TMB supports Breakfast for Kids in Suan Phueng
• “Bike with Love for Kids” for Health and Charity

March 2016

• Humanitarian cyclists donate money for Breakfast for Kids
• Clean water for villagers and school children
• Oh draws her own life’s path
• New school building looks inviting
• Innisfree Thailand made donation to Breakfast for Kids project
• Spread the word of good herbal shampoo
• New 2-storey school building for hill tribe children
• SMC Donates Notebooks to Children for the Second Year
• Shattered hearts restored from 2014 major floods

February 2016

• Shopee Thailand Gives Children Healthy Morning Meals
• C-vitt Supports Breakfast for Kids

January 2016

• Lazada’s Happy Kids Campaign Gives Breakfast Meals to Children • Immigration Bureau Support Gifts for Children

• American Express Held an Auction to Eliminate Hunger
• Shokubutsu Raises Funds for Children’s Shoes
• ‘School of happiness’ in Chom Thong district

December 2015

• V.T. Garment Supports Children’s Morning Meals
• Thoresen Thai Supports Agriculture for Lunch Project in a Remote School
• Suchada, little health community volunteer
• AEON and Yoshimoto Entertainment Donated to World Vision
• Breakfast nourishes brain, children are ready to learn
• World Vision Presents a Plaque to Honour Easy Buy
• Cisco Systems donates bicycles for children who live far from school
• Orange Bike Helps Children Travel to School
• Little Chili takes on mature responsibility
• World Vision Foundation of Thailand Stops Famine in Children
• Samsung Help Children Realise their Dream for the Third Time”
• BASF Celebrates its 150th anniversary with “Water for Life Project”
• Triple i Gives Scholarships to Undergraduate Degree
• Ford Thailand’s Volunteers Repair Schools and Housing for the Disabled
• Samsung Gives to the Children at Baan Sra Ta Kian School
• ‘Learn-Play-Live’ at Pfizer’s 4th life skills development camp

November 2015

• KFC Ends Hunger with Social Media Campaign #Giveforless
• KFC and World Vision Develop Learning Centres to Promote Agricultural Sustainability for the Second Year
• PAO Silver Nano Donates Sports Shirts to Children
• Foremost Supports Good Nutrition and Learning in Poor Children
• The Tour of Hope’s Charitable Cyclists Further the Education of Poor Students in Ranong Province
• Chevrolet Delivers One World Futbols and Supports Football Clinic
• Wellbeing and happiness for Ploy
• BASF Cultivates Agricultural Sustainability

October 2015

• Want a stick of Pong Neng?
• UPS Donates Morning Meals to Children
• World Vision’s Sponsored Children Meet Manchester United a Dream-Come-True

September 2015

• Easy Buy Introduces Agricultural Sustainability to Nonsasawan School, Beung Kan Province
• Chevrolet Brings One World Futbol to Baan Nong Meg School
• Zambrero Marks First Year Anniversary with Breakfast for Children
• Wellbeing and happiness for Chotirose
• Unicity and Unipower Join Forces to Help Disaster Survivors in Myanmar
• Thai KM Tech Builds Library for Children

August 2015

• AIS Donates Books to Arm Children with Knowledge

July 2015

• Nikon to Raise Children’s Voices for their Communities
• TOA-Chugoku Sponsors Poor Children for the 7th Year
• Samsung Made Poor Children’s Wish a Reality
• Omo Joins Forces with Tesco Lotus to Support Bachelor Degree Programme
• Marie Claire Thailand Magazine Gives Sneakers to Poor Children
• Lego Reaches Out to Nepal’s Earthquake Survivors
• PTT Sends Help to the Survivors of Nepal Earthquake

June 2015

• Unicity Gives a New School Building to Chiang Rai’s Ban Mai Suk San Children
• Manipulating fingers into L shape for brain and muscular exercises
• Stoping teenager pregnancy
• Isuzu UNT Develops Clean Water Source for Ban Nong Sakhae School
• Foremost Gives Milk to Kids for Good Health>
• Unicity Lends Helping Hands to Survivors of Nepal Earthquake
• Future Entrepreneurship Forum Sends Help to Nepal
• Tesco Lotus Commits to Breakfast Project for Third Year
• Bangkok Smile Dental Group Supports Good Nutrition in Children

May 2015

• Amadeus takes Children on a Tour to Pattaya
• Chevrolet and World Vision Hand a New Football Pitch to Bang Bua School
• WVFT constructs 2nd new school building for hill-tribe children
• Brand’s Marks 180th Year Anniversary with World Vision to Battle Kids’ Malnourishment

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