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13 May 2016

World Vision Jatujak Service Cooperative Supports Children’s Meals (Read in Thai)

Ms Supak Sudpairak, Chairman of World Vision Jatujak Service Cooperative Ltd and Ms Nanta Jongtong, Manager of the Co-op, donated 15,000 Baht to support ‘Breakfast for Kids’ project pursued by World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT). Representing WVFT was its National Director, Mrs Chitra Thumborisuth, who received the donation at WVFT Learning Centre recently.

This is the fourth consecutive donation made by World Vision Jatujak Service Cooperative. The donation is deducted from the co-op’s annual net profits and is given back to WVFT to help disadvantaged children in its various projects.

Mr Supak said, “WVFT has been helping children, families, and communities in Jatujak district, where it supports vocational groups to have savings, created the cooperative, hosts trips to survey other businesses and organises trainings to enhance people’s skills. WVFT also offers consultation service, which boosts the co-op’s growth and makes it become self-reliable.”

In 2015, World Vision Jatujak Service Cooperative’s performance was rated ‘Excellent’ by the Bangkok Cooperative Promotion Office of Area 2 based on its operations and internal management system. With a network of 1,591 members, the co-op was established in 2007 by WVFT’s project in Jatujak district, Bangkok. Since then, it has been serving as a source of funding to support people’s livelihood and a place to build savings for their children’s education. Additionally, the co-op acts as a centre for selling handicrafts created by WVFT-supported livelihood groups.