Questions and Answers on Child Sponsorship

The most asked questions:

1. When you decide to sponsor a child, what are some things that you will receive?
2. How does World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) use the sponsorís money?
3. How long can you sponsor a child?
4. Can you visit your child?
5. How can I send my child sponsorship money?
6. How responsible are we in using your donation?

When you decide to sponsor a child, what are some things that you will receive?

• History and photo of your sponsored child
• Annual progress report of the child
• Other periodicals
You can also connect with your sponsored child by letter writing through WVFT. Above all else, you will experience happiness that you have helped one needy child have a better future.

How does (WVFT) use the sponsor's money?

Your money will be put into the child sponsorship fund so that various project activities can be put into full comprehensive operation. The child and family will not receive cash directly. Instead, the money will be used in the target areas where WVFT operates through various activities suitable to the location.†The focus is on quality life development of needy children through education, health care and livelihood skills development for their families and communities. The children will receive school uniforms, books, health care and check-up, school lunch program, ethical values, knowledge and supplemental skills training for an increased income generating livelihood for children and their families. Knowledge on development work will also be given to community leaders so that they will have clean drinking water and environment conservation.

WVFT staff will work together with the community people and government agencies so that the activities will meet the needs of children, their families and needy communities successfully according to the project objectives. Each project area will set up an implementation period of about 5-10 years depending on the circumstances and preparedness of children, their families and communities.

How long can you sponsor a child?

Being a part of child sponsorship is a voluntary decision. There is no rule on how many children you should sponsor or the time length of sponsorship. You might want to sponsor a child throughout the entire operation period of each project, as long as the child is still living in the project area or the child and the family are able to stand fast on their own. The constancy of helping and developing the quality life of one needy child every month will enable you to see the childís progress and achievement. However, if it is inconvenient or you have some difficulty in continuing to sponsor your child, WVFT will find a new sponsor so that the child will receive proper care and attention until he/she completes his/her highest education.

In case your sponsored child must move to another community elsewhere with his/her family and WVFT staff has difficulty in following the child, you will receive a new child living in the same area or other WVFT project area according to your wish.

Can you visit your child?

Your visit to see your sponsored child will provide you with an ideal opportunity to connect with your child and get to know each other more. Even more important, you will find out for yourself that you have a part to play in the changes taking place in the life of a child and the family.

If you wish to make a personal visit to see your sponsored child, please contact WVFT for at least 2 weeks in advance so that preparations can be made. You can also see your sponsored child when WVFT organizes Sponsors Visit day according to our work plan. During each visit, the sponsor will be responsible for the costs incurred.

How can I send my child sponsorship money?

You can send your sponsorship money by postal order, a crossed check, money transfer to a WVFT savings account, automatic deduction from your bank account or credit card deduction. You can send your sponsorship money once a month, every 3 months, 6 months or a year.

Every time you send your money, please inform WVFT so that we can send you a receipt and record your donation rightly regarding the amount, day, month and year of payment. (Your receipt from WVFT is tax deductible according to the Ministry of Treasury.)

How responsible are we in using your donation?

WVFT has set up a checking system on all project activities as well as faithful spending by internal and external auditors to ensure that all donations are correctly spent and really aimed towards helping the poor and needy.

WVFT will use a portion of the donations towards project implementation so that the staff can closely watch over the sponsored children and coordinate with families, communities and local government agencies to the fullest capacity. The money is also used to produce publications so that sponsors will be informed about the updated events and news in detail. The budget spent will not exceed 25% of the donations received according to the established law of the Ministry of Treasury.

Every Baht that comes straight from the generous heart of the sponsors will be used to bear many successes for needy children, their families and communities who are waiting for hope.

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