Dr. Bob Pierce, a Christian leader and an American news reporter traveled to Korea and witnessed widespread human suffering among widows and many orphans from the Korean War. Armed with great determination to provide help for people in need, he raised financial resources from churches and donors. World Vision International was founded and its network of partnership was formed in other countries worldwide.

World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) is one in more than a hundred countries worldwide that joins with World Vision International ministries in bringing help to children and the needy of the world


World Vision International started its Thailand ministry of caring for orphans in Udorn Thani province. The first child support center was set up in Arun Pradit School, Petchaburi province. The work expanded to other provinces in the North and Northeast.


On 22 August 1974, World Vision Foundation of Thailand was officially named and registered as a humanitarian organization focusing on child sponsorship and emergency relief. We strived to improve children’s lives by focusing on education, health care, ethical values and quality life development.


Thailand was burdened with the problem of Indochinese refugees who fled across the Thai border. To ease the burden of the government and for humanitarian reasons, World Vision Foundation of Thailand provided the basics of life and health care in the refugee camps in various provinces, such as Ban Vinai, Chiang Kham, Chiang Khong, Siekiew and Suan Plu. At the same time, World Vision Foundation of Thailand continued its child sponsorship program in villages and communities. The work expanded to other provinces.


World Vision Foundation of Thailand shifted its ministry focus from individual sponsored children to needy child and family development, childcare and family development. Refugee work continued its operations in Thailand.


World Vision Foundation of Thailand changed its work direction to focus on community development in which children and their families were the main target groups. The community development process took place in the rural and urban areas. We also helped victims of natural and man-made disasters to cope and rebuild their lives again. Our role in helping the Indochinese war refugees was gradually reduced according to plan. We continued to provide health care and occupations in some refugee camps.


As work in the refugee camps was cut down, World Vision Foundation of Thailand started to turn its attention more seriously to child sponsorship and community development. Our work was extended to all regions of Thailand with projects in 34 provinces. We also coordinated with other special projects such as government orphanages, rehabilitation of former prostitutes, prevention of children and women from entering into sex trade, emergency relief assistance, street children, emergency homes and prevention of HIV and drugs through education.

1990 onward

World Vision Foundation of Thailand redesigned its community development program to be strategically targeted areas called Area Development Program (ADPs). ADPs are WVFT’s primary vehicle to carry out sustainable community development programs. The goal is to ensure that transformation occurs in every area of their lives. Child, family and community development will continue to be the main focus. We also work closely with other key groups, including government agencies, soldiers, police, churches, schools and community organizations to resolve critical social issues such as AIDS and drugs prevention and protection of the environment. If resolved, these problems might affect children, their families and communities.


World Vision Foundation of Thailand asked Thai people to help seek solutions to social problems in a life development context whereby Thai sponsors reached out to the needy Thai people in the Local Sponsorship project that focuses on child, family and community development under the motto ‘Child and Family Well-Being.’


World Vision Foundation of Thailand continued to carry out its ministries steadfastly. Our vision is to see life in all its fullness become a reality for every child. We wanted many lives to be changed for the better and the poor being helped. Our development work expanded further to many other provinces. Child sponsorship greatly increased. Special projects were also planned to help those living in remote and border areas.

2003 up to now

World Vision Foundation of Thailand is a child-focused organization that operates through Area Development Programs. Jesus Christ is central in all that we undertake. We focus on capacity building and durable community by creating income-generating occupations through small businesses.

World Vision Foundation of Thailand now has 76 projects in 42 provinces of Thailand. To date, 59,378 children are sponsored.
(Data as of February 2020).

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