Sponsors who helped realize their dreams

Ms Siratikarn Lohasarn - Managing Director, So Thai Spa Bangkok

“……when I was a kid, every time when I saw World Vision Foundation of Thailand’s staff distributes things and food to my friends I thought to myself that I want to get them too. When I grew older then I realised the reason why my friends received those stuff. Because of their poverty and didn’t have a chance like me. So, I want to share this opportunity to these children in need. At least I can be a part that help change their lives.”

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Yuk Songpaisarn (Son), actor
Sponsor of Kraiwut, Mae Taeng ADP, Chiang Mai

“...I believe that there are numbers of lacking opportunity people in society at the present. Besides, I've got a lot from society so I think of the possible way to return back to the society. Then I decided to sponsor one child, which soon after I was so happy to learn that I had a chance to meet my sponsored child. I was very impressed that he got benefits from the opportunity I gave him and saw him grow to be a cheerful boy. I wish he would be a valuable person when he grows up. I believe that happiness from giving will make us proud that we are part of making one child's life better.”

“Happiness from giving will make us proud that we are part of making one child's life better.”

Ms Oom - Apasiri Chutikun
Jiab or Tanchanok Saorangtoi’s sponsor since 2008, Tam Wieng Kae ADP, Nan

“Before I came to know about the child sponsorship program, I worked in my mother’s kindergarten school. I used to work with children before and I realize that education is very important for them. Children with a higher education have a good future, but it is very sad for those who do not have this opportunity. I decided to sponsor Jiab for only 500 Baht a month. For some of us, the money might mean only a few meals, but for one child it is a good opportunity for him. I personally think it is worth the money.”

“For some of us, the money might mean only a few meals. But for one child, it is a good opportunity for him”

Mr Decho Omsintaveechok,
Managing Director of Bangkok Aloe Ltd., Partnership that manufactures health natural drink from aloe vera.

“I believe that children are our country’s youth. I have been reading WVFT’s articles and I can see that many children living in rural areas lack learning opportunities since they are very young. So I thought that I will come in and support in this area.”
“We are also a part of society. When a sector of society is in trouble, those who are able should go in and help. As we do this, we are joining in their sorrow and joy.”
“I’m sure there are still many children who need help from WVFT. When you have received help from WVFT that other children do not have, I want you to use this sponsorship assistance to develop yourself so that you will have a future and be able to sustain yourself.”

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Chularat Kantasewi

“After I sponsored Nong Sudatip until she did her Bachelor's Degree, I felt very happy and pleased that I got to help her fulfill her dream...”
“I saw my parents' example by their good works in many charitable organization. WVFT is an organization where my father worked...I have been a sponsor for a long time - 16 years. I have seen that WVFT ministry is more than just providing education to children. They also help families and strengthen communities to the point where they can sustain themselves.”
“Child sponsorship has significance to the child, family, the community and our country. In practice it is not just donating things or money, but it is a sustainable form for support that focuses on giving children a good education, helping them to think, teaching morals, having a career, being independent, improving living conditions, sharing family responsibilities and helping society...”

“I hope that those who have sufficient physical and emotional strength and financial resources will look for opportunities to share and do good works to the less fortunate ones so that they will have hope...”

Daraneenuch Potipiti

Top - Daraneenuch Potipiti, Host and performer
Top sponsors 2 children

“We are not born to live for ourselves, but we must be interdependent. If we have better opportunities than others, we must help and share with them. Then the quality of their lives will improve. It is like a half filled glass of water. We help to fill the other half to make the glass full...”

“...Don’t think that if we help, what will we gain? Offer your help wholeheartedly. When we have a good society, we will not be harming one another.”

Panadda Wongpudee
An actress and a presenter

“For a long time now I’ve seen the results of World Vision Foundation of Thailand’s work. I believe that they’re really doing a good work. They have chosen really poor children and have fair standards. As I read World Vision Foundation of Thailand brochures and talked with the Executive Director about the work, I agreed with its guidelines. Therefore, I decided to sponsor 4 children from 4 regions of Thailand.”

On - Sarawut Martthong, Host and performer
Sponsors 2 children, one in Chiangrai and the other one in Phatthalung

“I’m overwhelmed. I can’t believe that a little bit of our money can create good opportunities for one life. A portion of a sponsor’s money had enabled me to receive an education since I was a child. Now I have grown up to be an adult. I haven’t forgotten it. Now I myself can help others too. It will definitely produce successive results in the future.”

“...It’s not necessary for you to help one child on your own. If you are sincere about it, you can gather your friends to come and help. For four or five people, each pays 100 Baht a month. You are helping one child with only this much.”

Pawana Taechawimon

“At that time, I particularly liked one strength that WVFT has. After the staff has prepared a leaflet, which gives you information or advertises something about the ministry, they will send it to the children and us to write something on. It is like a heart-to-heart communication between a child and their sponsor. When we see the child's name, face and age, we are even more committed to this child. We know that our money has gone to help this child. It’s a different story from not knowing where our money has gone into. So I’m happy and impressed. I will help my sponsored child until they complete their Bachelor’s Degree and I will help in other social ways too.”

“When I am the one who gives and I see improvements in the child’s life, it makes me feel really good about myself and I’m happy. Even though I haven’t attached myself to the child, I’m still helping someone who shares the same national identity as me. The child will grow up to be a wise and good citizen in our society who will not turn to drugs. Without knowledge, the child is vulnerable to a life of depravity. Due to good planning, I’m glad to see changes taking place in the child’s life. It doesn’t matter if the child gets a 2.2 grade point average (GPA) or isn’t smart. At least the child gets to study and knows what he/she wants to be or do in the future. And when the child knows that he/she has received sponsorship support, one day they will do likewise to help others too.”

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