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• Thanachart Group joins ‘Agriculture for Lunch Project’ activities
• Easy Buy and Umay Plus co-partner with WVFT in introducing
   sustainable agriculture to Ban Pang Woon School

• Lion Thailand Gives Scholarships to Students
• Sharing Kindness through ‘Bike with Love for kids’
• Cucumber garden story
• Chic Republic Shares Happiness by Donating Money to World Vision
• World Vision Jatujak Service Cooperative Supports Children’s Meals
• WVFT Raises Awareness on World TB Day

16-19 June 2016
1st Floor, Central Plaza
Rama 2
23-29 June 2016
1st Floor, Centra lPlaza WestGate

14-17 July 2016
1st Floor, Central Plaza Chaengwattana
4-7 August 2016
1st Floor, Central Festival EastVille

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